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Abundant Life

Increase Now
Pastor Jim is now available for Blessing and Healing Meetings in your church.

“God has impressed upon me to make myself available to anyone who needs healing. We have had so many miracles here at our house. Anyone who needs healing is welcome to come here at any time to receive their healing. Just make arrangements with me. No offerings will be accepted during these visits. If you, or anyone you know needs healing all you need to do is come here.”

The Free Sermons on this Site Will Absolutely Increase Your Faith For Your Finances

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    Increase Partner Benefits

    This is only for people who do not have a Pastor who will speak the Blessing of Abraham over them or who will pray the Prayer of Faith with them. If you need a Pastor  to pray  the Prayer of Faith with you for your Situation, Call Pastor Jim Today at 321-536-6238 The...

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    The Prayer Of Faith

    Praying the Prayer of Faith believes that you receive when you pray, which means expecting results. Any prayer that is prayed in which the person who is praying does not absolutely expect to have their prayer answered is not a prayer of faith.