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Free sermons on prosperity

Free sermons on prosperity Get FREE CDs on Prosperity and Success And Get Free CD How to Empower Your Children for Success Which will increase your Faith for Finances.

If you will send an e-mail to with your name and address I will send you in the mail Absolutely Free 5 great CDs on God’s Word for financial increase.

Hearing God’s Word on financial increase will increase your finances because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. (Romans 10:17)

About 2 ½ years ago I started preaching about prosperity and financial increase in our church and in no time at all the finances began to increase among the people. During the last year when we had the bank collapse and our economy was on the brink of disaster, the people in our church prospered and began to think that I am a genius. Now we are to the point where everybody in our church is being provided for financially.

We had one man in our church, who got laid off from his job and I spoke over him and said he would make more money on employment that he made while he was working. And he did.

People got debt cancellation. Out of the clear blue a lady in our church who had huge medical expenses after her husband had gone to be with the Lord, received huge debt cancellations and she is praising God. The truth of the matter is, this lady had the faith to receive debt cancellation because she had been hearing God’s Word on financial increase.

We have another lady in our church, who lives an upper middle class lifestyle and owns a beautiful home, out on the beach, on the wages of a beautician. Everything she needs God provides and more. A few years ago she needed a car and somebody gave her a beautiful, almost new Lincoln town car. This is a result of her hearing God’s Word on financial increase.

Other people in our church have received huge financial blessings because every week the people hear God’s Word on financial increase and I speak the Blessing of Abraham that God instructed Moses to teach the priests to do which is found in numbers chapter 6.

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Free sermons on prosperity and if you have any suggestions in this area please share with our readers in the comments.

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