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    Tom Tranby says

    Hi, I called you for prayer for my left hip some days ago. It has just this week gotten almost unbearable to walk, and even sleeping is hard to get comfortable. I would appreciate if you and your church would pray for me-that I could get relief from God, or a doctor. I can’t go on like this, and with Mary my wife gone, have no one to help me. Have a cold, and lost my voice or I would call you! Thank you!

    • Pastor Jim
      Pastor Jim says

      Praise God

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    Maureen Jacob says

    Hello Pastor Jim

    I want to thank you for your faithfulness and your teachings. I look forward to seeing them everyday. I especially enjoyed today’s teaching of how to hear God’s voice. I also appreciated your transparency.
    Much love, Maureen

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    Beate says

    Hello Pastor Jim, My name is Beate and I am from Stuttgart, Germany. I suffered from lymph gland cancer and I laid myself in the Lords´s hands and I was carried and healed. Now I am suffering from horrible pain in my left shoulder and arm. I can´t use my arms much because the right arm is lame. The doctor said that he doe not really know what is wrong with my left shoulder and arm but it seems like there is an inflammation in it too. Would you please say a prayer for me? Thank you so much and with love from Germany, Beate

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    George says

    HI pastor jim….I have been watching u on periscope for awhile now…….and need ur help. I have been caring for my 82 year old mother who has alzheimers disease……and my finances have gotten so bad since I could not work as I was staying home to b with her………my landlord is soon to kick me out of my home due to rent not being paid….utilities have begun to b turned off…..I need help!!!! I have been waiting on an investent to come thru….that will alleviate all my financial help….but so far…..nothing has happened. I am down to my last 20 dollars….can’t even hardly go anywhere…..no one for gas…..please…..can u break the generational poverty curse over me so I do not end up living in the streets????? I have maybe 5 or 6 days to come up with the money or I will b out loving in my car

    • Pastor Jim
      Pastor Jim says

      call me

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    George says

    I posted a request here a little while ago….it’s now gone. ….did something happen?

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    Dena Zapotoschny says

    I have had many afflictions and have had Pastor Jim and Jean to pray for me: one particular one was my eyes I couldn’t even keep it open !! They prayed then next: morning I woke up..I could SEE CLEARLY! AND I DON’T EVEN NEED MY READING GLASSES! GLORY TO GOD!

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    andrew says

    Just had to send you something. Ever since I’ve been watching you on periscope I’ve seen things around the house that I needed seeing. Like the back door wasn’t closing properly and actually was open when we went out. Praise God nothing happen. But that is just one thing that has happened. Love you. Thanks for being you. Andrew

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    Melanie Munsamy says

    I would like to praise God for his goodness and mercy. The lord grace is sufficient for each and everyone of us. My son is 15 years and addicted to drugs and he had a terrible attitude. He was bitter to everyone and especially god. But the holy spirit is comfort in the time of need. I want to give god all the glory because through grace the lord has seen him through and delivered him from from all his affliction and healed his broken heart and set him free from all bondage. Jesus is awesome.

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