Prayer to start each day:

I thank you Lord for this new day that you have blessed me with. I pray that today I will please you in all that I say and do and I thank you for this opportunity to lose weight and get my body in physical order. I pray that I will have the discipline to do it. I pray that I will lose all the weight that I need to lose as quickly and safely as possible. I pray for and received a double portion of grace over this weight-loss program. Thank you Lord for what you have done and what you’re doing in my life, in Jesus name. Amen.


I do not desire to overeat.

1 Thessalonians 5:23 I am sanctified body, soul and spirit.

1 Corinthians 6:19 my body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and it is a temple that honors God. This Temple will be healthy wealthy and wise.

Ephesians 3:20 this weight loss will happen quicker and better than I ever imagined because the power of God is within me.

3 John 2 I will prosper and be in good health just as my soul prospers.

Daniel 1:8-15 I choose to eat healthy even when those around me are making poor food choices and I will be noticeably healthier than those making poor food choices. I will have the discipline to make healthy choices with good portion control at every meal and snacks.

Philippians 4:13 I can lose weight and be healthy because Christ will give me strength and ability.

Remember, God want us to be successful in every area of our lives and that includes our health.

Many people desire to lose weight but the problem in most cases is a slow metabolism. Sometimes cutting calories and portions will cause the body to lose weight. However, sad to say many people who eat good foods and small portions still have great difficulty in losing weight.

The answer is to get your body to burn the fat which has been stored up. This supernatural weight-loss program will cause your body to burn the fat. This program will work every time for everyone who is determined to stay on it.

The Basics of Low Carb Diets

You may know a friend who lost a lot of weight on a low carb diet. You might have seen the books on TV or in your bookstore. Just how does a low carb diet work?

Low carbohydrate diets have been around for many years, but they were brought to public awareness through Dr. Atkins and his Atkins Diet, as well as the Zone Diet and most recently the South Beach Diet. While the particulars of the various low carb diets might vary, the basic concept is the same. Train the body to burn fat rather than burn carbohydrates.

Let’s take a step back into basic biology. Your body has a lot going on inside it, even if you don’t exercise or do much else. Your body needs a lot of energy to keep the blood flowing, the systems working, the brain functioning. We provide our body with the raw supplies to create energy with by eating. Our bodies take that food, convert it into energy, and that’s how the body keeps itself going. This is rather simplified of course .

Now, the body really only has 2 basic kinds of fuel it can use. Fuels are either carbohydrates (sugars, starches, etc) or they are fats. Just about everything else you eat – including fiber – is passed through your system without having an energy impact.

Normally, with the sugar-rich, pasta-rich, bread-rich, potato-rich diet that the modern world eats, the body is overwhelmed with the carbohydrate type of fuel. So it leaves its fat reserves alone, saving them for “dangerous starvation times”. It’s that caveman instinct we have built into us. In other words, your metabolism may think you are trying to starve your body to death and immediately attempt to horde the fat. If your body does not think you are trying to starve it, it will begin to burn off the fat. That is why many people will actually gain weight on a diet. The body will say, oh oh what is going on here?

Any morsel of carbohydrates that we eat and do not immediately use gets converted into fat and tucked away for future use. The problem is that we eat so many carbs that the fat layers grow and grow.

Some diets try to compensate by cutting down the calories you eat – i.e. eating tons of carbs, but just eating slightly less. The problem is that your body is still depending on carbs coming in. It primarily burns those carbs. Eat too many, your body just tucks them away for future use. Eat too few … here’s the thing. Yes, your body has to look around for alternate energy. But switching from carb-burning to fat-burning isn’t very easy, so it isn’t efficient in how it goes after your fat reserves. Also, because this seems to your body like an “UH oh! Not enough food coming in!” situation, your body starts to switch into a conservation mode. It adjusts itself to account for this new “famine” situation in the body and tries to conserve its precious fat stores as a result. Meaning your body is now fighting your dieting efforts.

In comparison, the low carb diets simply provide your body, naturally, with its other normal energy source. And that is fat. The diet that mankind ate naturally for thousands of years was NOT loaded up with junk food and sugar! It was primarily meat, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. These things are all naturally low in carbs and high in fats. Olive oil is one of the more healthy things you can eat! So when you go to a low carb diet, your body gets used to eating a diet with fats being the primary source of energy. You eat plenty of food – your body never panics about being in “famine mode”. So it doesn’t shut down fat burning efforts. If it doesn’t see enough fat coming in from one source (your mouth) it easily grabs fat from another source (i.e. your tummy). And since fat becomes its primary source of energy, you don’t feel starving during the day or famished at mealtimes – because your body always has a ‘fat store’ to snack on when it needs it.


This is a very important part of a weight-loss program. The first week you do not necessarily need to do as much exercise because you are getting your body into a fat burning mode and you won’t have as much energy. Beginning with week two, you should begin exercising at least 30 minutes or more 3 times per week. Your routine may include walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming and resistance exercises with weights.

Weekly weigh-in:

We do this because it helps with accountability and also helps keep record of your successes. It also acts as a time of encouragement for each other. You’re not required to do this but I would encourage you to because it helps you to stick with your diet.

It is also a good idea to take a picture and measurements before you start.

 Ketone Strips:

Make sure you stay in a small to moderate range on the strips as being in the higher range can cause damage to your health. Very important!

If you are Diabetic:

Is very important that you check with your primary care physician before starting any diet to make sure your doctor feels that it is appropriate for your personal needs. As a diabetic you will need to make sure you watch your sugar closely and adjust your medications as you are attempting this diet.

What to do before starting diet:

If you have been eating a lot of sugar in your diet, make an attempt to slowly cut back on your sugar for a week before beginning diet. You will be very happy that you did this as you will not experience the level of withdrawal that many people must deal with.

Your body only retains 2 days worth of carb supply in it, and after the second day, it will be totally out of carbs. It will have to change to its normal other form of energy – FAT. And if you’re on this diet, you have a good supply of fat on your body, so your body has ample fuel to work with.

You may feel bad for a few days but By day 4 you will begin to feel better.

 In other words, after 2 days on a low carb diet your body must begin to burn fat and you will begin to lose weight at a rapid pace!

On day 3, your body will start to consume that fat supply, and when you eat food, it will go after those fats as well. Most people will lose anywhere from 7 to 14 pounds in these first two weeks

After the first week, you’ll really feel a new energy; feel livelier and even tempered. Your sugar-rush highs and lows will be gone; your shakiness when you’re hungry will go away. And when you check your measurements after the 2 weeks, you’ll be quite impressed on how weight AND measurements have improved!

Low Carb – The First Two Days   Breaking the Carb Addiction

Most low carb diets put special emphasis on the first two weeks, when you get used to eating in a healthier manner. But those first two DAYS are the key – when you break your carb addiction!

The first three days will be the hardest of the ENTIRE diet. Call someone if you need to. We are a support group. Up until now, your body has been ‘coasting’ on high sugar foods, not having to work at all to get easy energy. It uses some to keep itself going, and the rest goes right to your waist and butt as fat. Your body has gotten sluggish, used to this ‘easy sugar diet’.

When you go low carb, you’re really going “healthy” – which means your body has to do what it is SUPPOSED to do and actually break down healthy foods into the vitamins and nutrients it can use. Think of it as having been addicted to heroin. If you went off heroin, your body would crave it at first! It is EXACTLY the same with sugary carbs. Your body will get cranky, tired, and shaky. Believe me – the worse your symptoms are, the more your body was addicted to the bad stuff.

But GREAT news is around the corner. Your body – and every human body – only carries “raw carbs” for 2 days in its system. The rest is stored as fat. So after Day 2, your body will be done with its sugar-seeking and will do the NORMAL thing that bodies have been meant to do since the days of cavemen-eating-mammoths, which is that it will start processing fat and protein for energy.

Since this diet gives you AMPLE fat and protein, plus HEALTHY nutrients as well, your body kicks into high gear! And once it gets rolling, it does very well with these. The next two weeks are often an amazing revelation to people, as they realize that all the roller-coaster mood swings, hunger cravings, bloating, stomach puffiness and the rest was really all caused by the sugar high-and-low that a sugar-rich diet causes. Suddenly you’re feeling better, have much more energy, and are losing weight WITHOUT feeling hungry at all.

So stay with it for those first few hard days, when your carb addiction is being fought with. It’s well worth it to win and to go on to much more healthy living!

 Things to buy before beginning diet:


Vitamin B complex

Omega 3 (1000 mg)

Calcium with vitamin D (600 mg +D)

Whey Isolate Protein (One scoop mixed with water is a meal) 27 grams Protein 1 gram Carbs.

Meat Nutrition guide from Publix – Boar’s Head (free)

Ketone Strips  Wal-mart has them

Your body will go into a fat burning stage. You will do this by depleting your body of excessive carbohydrates, therefore causing your body to burn fatty tissue. You’ll know that your body is burning fatty tissue if you test your urne are first thing in the morning with ketone strips. This is very important information as it will protect your health.

It is very important to drink plenty of non-calorie fluids (64-128 ounces) each day. The fluids will help your body to flush out the fatty tissue, keep you hydrated, and allow you the best weight loss conditions.

During the first week we will attempt to reduce our carbohydrate intake to as near zero as possible.

First 2 Weeks Low Carb Food List

As you are starting out with your low carb diet – whether it’s Atkins, South Beach or another style, here is a food list to get you through those first two weeks. Print this out and bring it with you to the grocery store! Choose your favorites, plus add one or two “new things” each time you shop too, to explore new foods. You might be surprised how tasty it can be to eat fresh food!

 Counting Carbs:

 We are going to count carbs each day during our supernatural weight loss program.

Ideally, we are going to attempt to stay under 20 carbs per day for the first two weeks.

All foods are labeled so be sure and check the number of carbs for everything you eat.

 Although we do need some fat in our diet we should attempt to keep our fat intake to a minimum.

Just about every meat and fish has 0g of carbs. Do not eat processed meats, hot dogs and liver. Get meat into each meal.

__ EGGS!! Eggs can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks :)
__ Steak
__ Hamburger
__ Chicken
__ Chicken Wings (deserves special mention, these are PERFECT snacks)
__ Pork
__ Salmon
__ Tuna
__ Swordfish
__ Cans of Tunafish (get the chunk lite, NOT the white/albacore)
__ Whitefish (cod, haddock) great for broiling!

It is extremely important to eat your vegetables! They are chock-full of important nutrients. Try to have a veggie or two at each meal, and extra veggies for snacks. Learn new, fun veggies recipes!

__ Alfalfa Sprouts
__ Asparagus
__ Bamboo Shoots
__ Bean Sprouts
__ Broccoli
__ Cabbage
__ Cauliflower
__ Celery
__ Collard Greens
__ Cucumber
__ Eggplant
__ Lettuce
__ Mushrooms (try all sorts of varieties!)
__ Radishes
__ Sauerkraut
__ Spinach
__ Tomato
__ Turnips
__ Water Chestnuts
__ Zucchini

__ Cheddar Cheese (great for sprinkling over salads)
__ Swiss
__ Mozzarella (make an eggplant pizza)
__ Gouda

Other Food Items
__ Olive Oil
__ Vinegar
__ Butter
__ Splenda sweetener
__ Sour Cream
__ Chicken broth (get a low salt version)
__ Diet soda (with Splenda), bottled water, low carb iced teas
__ Olives

Salsa, eat as much as you want.
Make sure your spice cabinet is up to date! You will find it amazing how flavorful your food can be when it’s made fresh and cooked with delicious spices.

Things to Avoid
For now, avoid fruits, berries, milk, nuts, and of course anything full of sugar like soda! No chips or candies! There are lots of great low carb chocolates and ice creams, but avoid these for the first 2 weeks. You’re trying to cleanse your system of potential allergens right now. When you add these things back in after 2 weeks, you’ll find out how your particular body reacts to each of these items.

A Note About Soda
In an ideal world you’d cut out all soda too, because many people are allergic to artificial sweeteners found in soda. However, I know many people are addicted to soda and trying to go cold turkey would cause them to abandon the new eating plan after a day or two. If you currently have sugary soda in your daily life, definitely change to a diet brand – but I wouldn’t try to cut it out completely right now. You want to give yourself the best possible chance of success.


Avoid breads, rice, grains, and potatoes during the first two weeks. All are very carb-rich. Avoid all processed foods, too, and read all labels. Drink a LOT of water – at least 8 glasses a day. You’ll be amazed at the results you see!


Carb Counts for the Long Term Low Carb Lifestyle
OK, you’ve merrily reached your hoped-for ideal weight and are ready to settle into a maintenance level of low carb lifestyle. How do you know what carb count to be at?

First, in the Initial Weeks of your Low Carb Diet you were probably in the under 20g of carbs a day range. That is below ANY human being’s carb needs for a day and is pretty much guaranteed to lose extra weight for a person. That is used to kick-start your body into fat burning.

As you moved through the diet, you slowly added carb levels back in until you get to losing 1-2 pounds a week. The closer you got to your target rate, the more carbs you added back in, until in essence you “coasted” to your target rate and were now eating the ideal amount of food each week to keep you right there.

What are typical ideal ranges for people? It varies of course by person to person, with how active they are and how efficient their bodies are. Some people can live quite easily on very few carbs. Other people need more carbs to keep their bodies going because they have higher metabolisms.

Low metabolism: 25g to 40g a day
Medium metabolism: 40g to 60g a day
High metabolism: 60g to 90g a day
Daily Exerciser: 90g or more a day


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